3 Steps To An Online Income. Join In On The Success!

3 steps to online income3 STEPS TO AN ONLINE INCOME

Here are 3 steps to online income you’ll need to follow in order to create an online stay at home business. Each step will have a link, as to how to go about that particular “step.” As always, I encourage you to comment or ask questions. I check in daily and I want to help!

Steps To An Online Income: Step 1

CHOOSING A NICHE: A niche is a specific subject matter. Lets use weight loss as an example. Now there are a ton of weight loss websites out there, so to simply start a site on “weight loss,” is going to be a long uphill battle trying to get traffic to your site while competing with much larger markets. (ie: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.) 

So you’re going to want to have a sub niche. Keeping with weight loss, a sub niche of that would be Belly Fat Loss. You can even get more specific than that, and go with Belly Fat Loss In 21 Days. Lets go even deep with one more to zero in on a very specific niche. Belly Fat Loss in 21 Days for Women over 60. Now THAT’S a niche! See where we went with that? I’ll go into much more detail about niches in other posts. I just wanted to give you an idea of what you’re going to be looking for when starting your website. Having trouble deciding on a niche? Visit How Can I Choose The Right Niche?


Steps To An Online Income: Step 2

CONTENT: Here’s where you dig in. Creating a website and content for that website. Content is your #1 friend. Don’t be too worried about creating content. A lot of people feel that they’re not writers so they’ll be unable to create content. This isn’t so. Take a look at Content Writing 101. Once you build a free website, you’ll start to create content. That will start to lead to traffic to your site. Then you’ll start integrating products or ads onto your site.


Steps To An Online Income: Step 3

TRAFFIC: There are a number of ways to bring traffic to your website. The first one is what we discussed above, which is a very specific niche. The second and MOST important, which we also touched on above, is content. Content is KING! You want to continuously add new content to your website. The more content, the more traffic interaction. Other ways to bring traffic to your page are with SEO, (search engine optimization) PPC (pay per click) Social Media, and several more which we’ll touch on much later when you’re ready for things like that. For now, we’ll concentrate on our niche and our content, which will bring the traffic.

Everything I found on how to properly build an online income, I found through using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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