87 Ways To Motivate Yourself!

Many people have trouble finding happiness in life. I believe we all have the power within us to change the way we feel. One of the best ways to start changing the way we feel, immediately, is with positive thoughts and a little motivation. Become HUGE! We’ve taken 25 ways to motivate yourself to the next level. We added a few more for you, just for good measure. Here are a whopping 87 ways to motivate yourself, that any one of us can start doing today. Once we start to motivate ourselves, even just a little bit, it creates a snowball effect. Little becomes big and big becomes huge.

25 Ways To Motivate Yourself + 62 More 😉

  • Necessity
  • Repeat positive quotes
  • Pride
  • The urge to change the world
  • Join a support group
  • Prove to the naysayers
  • Consider the alternative
  • Create momentum
  • Legacy!
  • Visualisation
  • Remember (and learn from) your mistakes
  • Keep score
  • The best way to predict the future is to go out and create it.
  • Make a deal with yourself
  • Act like it
  • See the larger goal.
    (sometimes we get caught up in “make money” – but WHY make money?)

87 ways to motivate yourself

  • Do the most difficult or less desirable task first
  • Compare yourself with yourself, not with others
  • Have Fun
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Do a little research
  • Write down your goals
  • Change negative thoughts to positive
  • Break down your impending progress
  • Find out what makes you happy and do that!
  • Make each day count. Don’t focus on tomorrow. Focus on the day at hand
  • Create good habits
  • Do something small it will lead to something big
    (Ever dread having to clean, then end up cleaning for hours?)
  • Remind yourself of “why”. Why did you begin this?
  • 5 minutes at a time
  • Move around (GET UP & DANCE!)

87 ways to motivate yourself

  • Reach the next step
  • Get a partner
  • Plan your next day to help finish todays tasks
  • Read books
  • Develop a mantra
  • Build on success
  • Search for meaning (where can you make an impact?)
  • Sit alone, Yoga, Meditate
  • Clean up your environment. Cluttered desk is a no no
  • Don’t care what others think
  • Ask yourself questions. What is good in my life? What can I improve on?
  • Break down into tiny steps
  • Brainstorm 87 ways to motivate yourself
  • Do it wrong/bad and have a laugh at it
  • Arrive at work early and in a good mood
  • Visualize how you will feel when you reach your goal
  • Find inspiration. Who is your idol?
  • Create time pressure
  • Take time off
  • Create routine
  • Place a bet
  • Take a step back. Reevaluate
  • Take a break
  • Failure is GOOD! That’s One Step Closer to the Goal
    (Hey thats Impending Perfections slogan!)
  • Advertise to yourself. What would get you interested or involved?
  • Be Silly!
    87 ways to motivate yourself
  • Find people of same interest to cheer you on
  • Observe successful people
  • Don’t try to be perfect
  • Do something you haven’t done in a long time
  • Rearrange your workplace
  • Listen to motivational music
  • Call a friend
  • Motivate someone else
  • Talk to someone about your passion. Get feedback.
    87 ways to motivate yourself
  • Do something unexpected of yourself that you always wanted to do. (tattoo, blue hair, nose ring)
  • Let go of the past
  • Get up and stretch
  • Write with a pen and pad, not keyboard and screen
  • Make a commitment (if you know you’ll procrastinate)
  • Set a time to think in a place which sparks creativity
  • Exercise
  • Close the open loops. The ones sucking energy even if they’re not most important
  • Just start doing SOMETHING
  • Get a pet
  • Get to bed early and wake up early
    87 ways to motivate yourself
  • Watch a motivational movie or video (Think “Rocky” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”)
  • Donate your time or money to a needy cause
    (You’ll be amazed how much you gain, while helping others)
  • Call an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time. It will spark nostalgia and make you young at heart again!
  • Take a 30 minute brisk walk alone, and think about your goals and dreams
  • Skip TV one night a week and dedicate that time to your goals.
    You’ll start watching less & less 🙂
  • Surround yourself with people of similar interests
  • Stop watching depressing video (i.e.: The news)
  • Learn a new skill (musical instrument, painting, sing!)
  • Pray
  • Call your Mother!

87 ways to motivate yourself

The next time you start to ask yourself, What is happiness in life, remember that the beginning of something great, starts with a little motivation. Try one or all of these 25 87 ways to motivate yourself! 

Don't Give UpLeave your comments and feedback below! What do you do to motivate yourself?

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  1. Daniella

    Hi Stephen,

    Beautiful article, there are a lot of great tips to find happiness. I will surely try few of them or maybe all of them if I can:) I suppose it’s like exercise, we need to practice every single day. I am going to print this sheet and will definitely hang it on my wall so all the members of the family can look at it and hope that it will help us not to complain anymore:)
    Thank you very much for this awesome blog!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Daniella,

      I hope you can use some of the tips on this list of 87 ways to motivate yourself. It may come in handy for the family! I’m glad you enjoyed it. All the best to you!

  2. Billy Hunter

    THis is so great! I can’t believe you thought of 87 ways to motivate yourself. ahah. Thats awesome! What I like to do to feel more inspired and motivated and just overall a lot better about life is to go to bed early and wake up early, also learn a song on the guitar, practice skateboarding, sing a song, go for a run, get my paycheck, watch a very funny or inspirational movie… Fast and the furious #1 for inspiration. And Benchwarmers for funny. Justin Bieber is an inspiration to me too. OMG are you a Beilieber? haha


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