Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money? The Truth and Proof.

can affiliate marketing really make moneySo the question I always get asked. Can affiliate marketing make money? Well sure it can. But so can horse manure as well. But I bet if you gave some random guy a bag of horse manure and told him to go make money with it, he’d look at you like you were nuts! He wouldn’t know the first place to start. Affiliate marketing is no different than any other business. You can’t just come along and think you’re gonna become rich, simply by selling other people’s products.

SHOW ME THE MONEY Notice I didn’t say you can’t become rich. Because you can. Very rich in fact. Many many people are doing affiliate marketing and they’re making a big pile of cash every single month. Month after month.

But you can’t just come along and say, “Here, buy this from me.”

It takes work. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of work for a very long time.

Unlike a brick and mortar business, or a service, say, like house painting or house cleaning, internet marketing can be up and running in only a few months. Many times it becomes a profitable business in as short as 3 – 6 months time. What other business can you say that about?

For some, it will take longer. Maybe a year or so. But still, think about the rewards you could possibly be reaping, a year from today. Imagine having 2, 4, even 10 thousand dollars coming in, each and every month, a year from now. All because you put in hard work for 1 stinkin’ year.

A year FLIES by. You know it and I know it.

Wait a second. Are you still stuck 3 sentences behind? The sentence where I said you could be making $10,000 a month, every month, a year from now? Sounds crazy right?

It is.

Sounds impossible, right?

It’s not! (Here’s proof)

Getting to $10,000 a month within your first year at internet marketing, takes a sh*t ton of dedication and hard work. Sorry for the language. But I’m just being honest here. Anyone who say’s you’ll be making $10,000 your first 30 days is lying to you. You’d be one in a million to do it. Anyone who say’s making $10,000 a month in your first year, will be easy, is lying to you.

Don’t huff and puff to me if you don’t like that statement. I didn’t make the rules of life.

Life takes work. To reach success in life, takes even more work.

Can affiliate marketing make money? Yes, even if you don’t make it to the $10K mark your first year, as long as you put in time and effort into your business, you will see results. Would you really be upset if a year from now you had, say, $2,000 coming in every single month? I’m guessing your answer is no, you wouldn’t be upset.


Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money?









And here’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. After you put in your hard work for 6 months to a year, you can take a break. A BIG break. You earned it. Now let the website you’ve worked so hard on over the past year, do all the work for youYou see, once your website starts getting a lot of traffic, it starts to work on auto pilot. I know that word is thrown around a lot when it comes to making money online. But in most cases, some “Guru” is trying to sell you on the idea that he’ll give you a product right out of the box that works on Auto Pilot.

Wrong. Doesn’t work that way. But what I can tell you is, that once you put the effort into your site, it will one day become an auto pilot money making website. You’ll only need to visit occasionally, update some posts, freshen it up to keep it pretty, etc. Things like that. So it’s not totally auto piolet I suppose. But it does become a lot less work.

Heck, once your site is making some real good money, your site itself is worth money! Yes, you can now sell your site for $5K or $100K or more! What will you build your websites worth up to? Could you imagine if Amazon wanted to sell their website?? Im guessing  a cool billion dollars or more. You think you can build a billion dollar website?

Let’s not forget, when Amazon started online, they sold books. That was it. It was an online book store. Most of the younger generation won’t even know this fact. I remember everyone was talking about how Amazon would kill the book store. Essentially, they have. But they’ve also expanded. That’s another beauty of your website. Choose a very narrow niche, and then you can grow it as big as you want.

When Amazon first came on the scene, there were no other online book stores. So for Amazon, “Books” was a narrow niche. Of course today, the niche books is nowhere near narrow. It’s much too broad. You’d need to narrow the book niche to something like “Classic books for kids.” That’s pretty narrow. Ok, lets get back to what we were talking about. Building an empire with your online business 🙂

If you continue to keep working on your site and working hard on it, even after the year mark, the potential is limitless. Truly limitless. Examples of websites that went from zero to hero would be Amazon or YouTube. The internet is limitless. The more you put into your website, the more it will give back to you.

Let’s get back to your original question. Can affiliate marketing really make money?

I think you see, the answer is no doubt, a BIG FAT YES!

Questions? Comments? Please start a conversation, below!

Everything I’ve found, about being a successful affiliate marketer,

I found through using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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  1. Erin

    Your page has a great conversational tone which will keep your readers reading. You seem to have a touch of humor which is really smart as it takes the pressure off of your reader in their quest to improve their lives and their situations. You tease a little with $$ that can be made and then bring us back to the reality of what affiliate marketing is and what is takes to be successful at it. Your page has a rhythm to it that works. I would like to see you break up your information a bit more, make it more manageable to the person searching the internet for an answer. The addition of more pictures would help too. Keep up the good work:-)

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thank you Erin! I’ll defiantly take your advice. I’ll keep pluggin away 🙂


    I viewed your post ,was so impressed i went all through your website . You have an excellent site and it is written out so well. I was impressed with your honesty and the style of writing .I find your site to be very truthful,plain enough that a child could understand it .I hope that I learn to write post and pages as you have . keep up the excellent work . Take care and Good Luck.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Brenda! I really appreciate your feedback. Good luck in all you do 🙂

  3. brenda banks

    wow !!!! i SIMPLE LIKE YOUR COMPLETE WEBSITE. I actually forgot how much time I was there. Sitting here daydreaming of the day when I get there. I started 9/17/15 and after a few days i had an accident and while in the hospital I had to have quad by-pass heart surgery so I am home now . The time that I can sit up is limited but I will get mine site done asap. But I just really like yours . Take care and Good Luck.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thank you Brenda! I hope you’re doing better after your accident. Come back to visit anytime 🙂

  4. Ken Nickless

    Reading through your “can-affiliate-marketing-really-make-money” page was a nice experience. Without trying to do much hard went about engaging the reader into the many positive and not so positive benefits of becoming involved in an affiliate marketing career. The information was comprehensive, humorous in parts, but got the message across well. The short video was also very entertaining. however I was not totally convinced about the test in two areas. “Show Me The Money” and “a beautiful thing”
    I just felt that they both downgraded what was very informative content, and almost (not quite) brought the page down to the level that we are used to seeing on those “how to get rich” affiliate sites. Just my thoughts.

  5. Lynne

    This was such an awesome read. Honest, to the point and it says it exactly like it is.
    Yes it will take hard work to make money doing affiliate marketing but it will pay eventually. One year is not a huge amount of time to invest in any business.
    You mention Wealthy Affiliate, can you tell me what makes you recommend them over any other program?

  6. Don

    Hi Stephen,

    Totally agree with you are writing as you can earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing. You just need to consider that success will not come overnight as you need to build up a website, become popular and need to get loads of traffic. One of the key points to become successful is to be patient.

    There are so many programs around, but many of them are just pure scams. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate seems absolutely useful and trustworthy to me.

    Everybody out there could give a try on earning some money with affiliate marketing.

    What kind of experience have you made with Wealthy Affiliate?


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Don, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my site. I appreciate you trusting my recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate. I stand by that recommendation 100%. As for me, I saw my first sale on my 26th day with Wealthy Affiliate! I never made money online before joining them. Crazy. It took me some time to make more sales, but it proved to me that it worked. If you can make one sale, you can make one thousand sales. Can affiliate marketing make money? It sure can.

  7. Chris

    I agree with many points you’ve covered here in this article. I first epereinced online marketing about 5 years ago and I had to learn the hard way. I actually had to quit and come back to it when I was a little more experienced.
    The key to success is being prepared for the amount of work you are going to have to put in!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Chris,
      You got it. The key to success and the answer if affiliate marketing can really make money, is put in the work. Then yes. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Luke


    If someone asks me how long it takes to start making decent money online, I always tell them to be prepared for at least 3 years of hard work. I met some people who make $10 000 a month after one year, but in my opinion it is a rarity. Most people after a year make very little money on the internet or they make nothing.

    I know that most people it takes 3-5 years before they make it online. Is it long? I don’t think so.

    If you don’t give up sooner or later you will make it. Eventually only those who are patient and persistent will achieve something online or offline.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Luke, I agree with you. Patience and persistent in ANY business venture is the key to success! Thanks for leaving your comment. All the best to you and your online business. Hope we cleared up how affiliate marketing can really make money, with time and patience.

  9. Skigh Reinbold

    I think the most important point you covered was the fact that starting up an affiliate marketing business is something that takes a lot of hard work and time. A lot of people get caught up in all of the get rich quick schemes that are prevalent throughout the internet so when they come to affiliate marketing and they are told it can take 6-12 months to make a dime, they run for the hills!

    Just like an old fashioned brick and mortar business, creating your own affiliate marketing business is something that will take a lot of time, some investment (although the investment is a lot less with affiliate marketing), and time to be successful!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Great advice Skigh! It take time and effort, but the rewards in the outcome are well worth it. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Frank

    nothing like cutting right to the chase on this topic. affiliate marketing is def something to consider if you’re into computers, the internet, can find your way around a wordpress site… all the above. in fact, if you’re turned off by those things, you won’t make it very far. I recently read that will power only strikes the fire, you just have to keep feeding logs to maintain the burn. interests and passion = burn. my 2 cents

  11. Pete Williams

    Hey Stephen.
    This post is a great reminder that Internet Marketing has massive potential for anyone considering getting involved with it. It really is a golden opportunity in time like never before to create our own fortunes and say bye bye to some fatcat who tells us to be at work on time.

    Its now time we can have our own market and have a convenient business on the web today instead of bustin’ our balls making someone else rich.

    But one thing though, not all of us are salesman or marketers and maybe lack confidence to start selling affiliate products. I believe affiliate marketing can really make money, but we need the correct training.

    I would hand on heart recommend anyone to start up with a free trail at W.A. As I member myself approaching a 3rd year, it is the best place online to learn affiliate Marketing the proper way.

    There are too many scuzzier places like Empower Network that will take money without offering a quality training ground.

    All the very best,


  12. Maria

    Hi Stephen!
    I really liked your post. It’s straight forward and honest. Not like many scams out there that claims you can start earning today…
    I think so many fails to make money online, because they quit before having any results, it can be hard sometimes to keep on working hard without seeing any money flowing in. But that’s what makes difference between successful and ordinary people: not giving up!
    How did you keep up the motivation at the begin?

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Maria! Sorry for such a late response. I somehow missed responding to you after approving your comment. It is difficult at times to keep motivated. Lucky I’ve written a post on just that subject 🙂 Check it out Hope that will help a bit

  13. robert Lawrence


    I have to say that I’ve read a lot of posts about making money online and this one stands out from the rest. I really was captivated by your writing and your content.

    I do know a fair bit about Affiliate marketing and I have to say that I agree with you about everything you’ve said.

    I like your honesty about how much work it is and how it’s not easy. But you are letting people know that nothing is easy in life and this is totally achievable. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Robert

      I really appreciate you stopping by my site and leaving a comment. Affiliate marketing can really make money, as long as you put in the work. Thanks again for your input.

  14. Neil

    Hey, Stephen.

    Thanks for teaching me a thing or 2 when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

    To achieve anything in life takes real hard work and dedication, so I see Affiliate Marketing as being no different, and the ones who work the hardest, make the most money online 🙂

    I would love to be making $10,000 per month from my efforts, so I best knuckle down and get to work.

    Thanks for the 5 attributes and helping me to understand a few things too.


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Go for it Neil. Make that $10k a month. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  15. Jim

    Hi Stephen,

    I really like your simple perspective on making money on line. The concept really is that easy, put the hard work into it and eventually it will be working for you. Everyone needs a break from their day to day work, but most employers will only give you a couple weeks and it will stay that way through YEARS of working for them. I think the opportunity is almost too simple that people think it is going to be easy.
    Imagine someone saying that you could earn $12 an hour digging ditches, just show up and for every hour you are there you will earn $12. Sounds great, but I don’t think you would be surprised that you would have to dig ditches 8 hours a day while you were there. That $12 does not come easy.
    The problem that most people miss about making money on line is, you actually have to “dig the ditch” the whole time you are there. It will not come easy.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Jim,

      You make an excellent point. There is no easy road to money. The wonderful thing about affiliate marketing is the hard work you put into it in the beginning, the more it will pay off later down the road. And THEN you can relax a bit more 🙂 Thanks for you comment, and for visiting my page.

  16. Hamilton

    Hey Bimook, I must commend you on a your beautifully designed website, I’m truly jealous since mine is no comparison.You content is well prepared short and straight to the point which is what most readers need to keep their attention on your post. I hope you keep up the good work.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Hamilton. Thanks for your kind comment. Keep working at your site. Writing comes easy for me, so don’t base my content on what yours should look like. We all have different strengths. Just keep plugging along. You’ll get there! I’ll be happy to help you with anything I can, as well. Just let me know.


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