THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW 2016 Best online internet marketing course

The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016 Update:

The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016:
An honest review of the best online internet marketing course.

Name: Wealthy Affiliatethe wealthy affiliate review


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Score: 10/10

Cost: FREE

Start up membership includes 2 free websites & hosting *PLUS* Training Courses. (Premium options for upgrade available for a fee)


Do I Personally Use This Product?: YES

About half way down, you’ll find a 2016 update with a video that answers the most common question I get, here at Impending Perfection. But before you jump ahead, please continue reading so you can get a grasp, for how this can lead you to a successful online business.

What can I say about WA? It’s the site I finally came across, after many failed attempts at making money online. It’s the best online internet marketing course I’ve ever come by, hands down. If you’ve ever thought about an online business like Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliates, Blogging, Promoting your own product, or basically anything at all related to making money online, then I encourage you to take advantage of the free products I’m about to introduce you to. 

I’ve spent hours searching, and endless amounts of money on work from home “opportunities.” That’s actually one of the many things that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from any other “system” I’ve ever come across. It’s not an “opportunity.” There’s no such thing as an online money making opportunity. You can’t just sign up for a work at home program and expect an ATM machine from your laptop. YOU create the opportunity, and Wealthy Affiliate shows you HOW.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2106 Update

INCREDIBLE! My personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate, made me my very first internet sale in just 26 days as a member! That’s just incredible! Now that’s not a very common occurrence when you first begin in internet marketing, but it does go to show the power of the program. In less than 30 days! I still can’t believe it when I think about it. I had been trying to make money on the internet for years, and always came up empty. But 26 days with Wealthy Affiliate, and my first sale was in the books! I worked hard those 26 days, and it paid off, Big Time!

Here’s what makes it special and different than anything that’s out there. It’s similar to a school, except it’s not as awful as a school. Unlike a real school, this is actually fun. They have whats called the Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s JAM PACKED with video tutorials, techniques, tips, and STEP BY STEP guidance. It walks you through absolutely every step of the internet marketing process, from setting up your website, to keyword optimization, creating content, and making profits.

  • There are 4 Courses. Each Course has 10 lessons. 
  • The first course are the raw basics of how to get started. You’ll actually have your own website up and running by the time you finish Course One! In fact, it will be up by lesson 4!
  • If you’re worried about the website, don’t be. Wealthy Affiliate gives you FREE websites to build, and FREE hosting. You’ll be shown how to build your very own, free. That’s just awesome.

Check out the screen shot of Course 1. That is the first thing you do when you sign into your free account. Start learning! Course 1 – Lesson 1. 

Class Room (Course 1) Lessons 1-10

Class Room (Course 1) Lessons 1-10

I can honestly say, this is the simplest “how to” step by step internet marketing program out there, hands down. I know my way around the computer to an extent, but I’m by no means tech savvy. I’m in my mid 40’s. I’m not some 20something who has grown up with computers or iPhones my entire life. Look, when I was a kid, cable TV hadn’t even been invented yet. But I truly believe anyone can do this, following the Wealthy Affiliate steps. Since joining WA, I have created 5 websites!

try it now risk free wealthy affiliate 2016

THE BEST PARTI learned the hard way when it came to online business. Actually, I never really did learn anything. I failed, and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to succeed, with scam after scam. YOU NEED SUPPORT when starting an online business. You can’t do it by yourself. Or if you can, it will take you years longer to figure it all out.

It was Wealthy Affiliate that had the SUPPORT. It’s an actual community. It’s similar to a social network, in the sense that there is a live chat screen on your homepage, which you can ask questions about anything you might be having trouble with. You’ll get instant answers from REAL PEOPLE (other members) who are actually making money online. Making real money. Thousands each and every month. Those are the people who will help you do the same.

Oh, and did I mention, THE CEO’s OF THE COMPANY are on the site EVERYDAY. Kyle and Carson are two guys you’re gonna want to know. They created and have been running Wealthy Affiliate since 2005. Which means they’re approaching their 11th anniversary in success! Eleven years, teaching new and advanced internet marketers, how to be successful online. This is no “fly by night” company. This is a proven, legitimate internet marketing course, built on a strong foundation.

You can actually speak directly to the owners. Ask any question. Get any feedback you may be looking for. It’s truly an amazing community. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Check out the screen shot I took, just so I can show you how I get to hang out with the “boss.” HA!


Tell me, where else can you speak directly to the owner and or “teacher” of the program, let alone, on a regular basis? The answer is no where. If getting answers to your questions, straight from the owner doesn’t entice you to visit Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t know what will. I challenge you to go try to talk directly to the owner, of the last “Get Rich” program you bought. Yeah, YOU BOUGHT the program and still can’t get in touch with the owner. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get to speak with him, free. I’m confident you can’t do that anywhere but there.

Here’s The Process You’ll Learn – Step by Step

1. PICK A NICHE: Choosing something you’re passionate about will be the first step. It can be absolutely ANYTHING. You can create a passive income with your passion! Even if you can’t think of something (which I’m sure you can, eventually) they have solutions for you.

2. BUILD A WEBSITE: The next step is building a website. DON’T WORRY! Not only will Wealthy Affiliate walk you through how to do it, but you can build your website and host it, absolutely FREE. 

3. CREATE TRAFFIC: Step 3 is getting people to your site. Creating web traffic is actually easier than it sounds. It won’t happen overnight, but with the best intensive training courses on how to drive traffic to your site, you’ll start gaining visitors consistently on a daily basis. How do I know? Because you’re here reading this and I use their process to get traffic! And its all free traffic.

4. EARN REVENUE: This is the exciting part! Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to add affiliate products, google ads, links to your site, and other creative ways, all which will start making you money. The first time you see money in your account, you’ll never forget that feeling!

I can’t express how easy they make it. Sure, you have to put in the work, but the way they put it in simple black and white terms, anyone, and I mean anyone can make money online using their guidance. I’m anyone, and I’m doing it!get-started-today-button wealthy affiliate 2016

DON'T HAVE A NICHE? WA BOOTCAMPIf you’re not ready to choose your own niche and would like some time to think more about it, Wealthy affiliate offers their Boot Camp Course. It’s yet ANOTHER university of classrooms and training, showing you step by step how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, as an Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate will pay you $22.50 per sign up!! Say what? And its a recurring income. That means month after month, you’ll be getting paid $22.50 for every referral to WA! Imagine referring just 50 people to WA. That would mean you would be making over $1,100 every single month. Month after month, for as long as they’re members. There are BILLIONS of people using the internet every single day. Do you think you can find 50 that could benefit from Wealthy Affiliate? I’m betting YES!

Here it is! The question I’m always getting asked, ever since I posted this review. I wanted to add an update for 2016, so I thought, what better way than making a video with an inside peak at what a few members are creating using Wealthy Affiliate.

The question I’m asked at least once a week is, “How Much Can I Earn With Wealthy Affiliate?” I have answered it in the video below. We’ll go inside Wealthy Affiliate and check out some of the blogs that members have posted, showing exact numbers of how much they are making!

While I’m at it, I should also mention the blog at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you join, you can blog within WA. Read others or share successes, tips, advice, or whatever else. In the video below, we’ll take a look at 3 members and what they’re up to. Hope this helps answer that burning question, so many of you have! Enjoy 😉





  • FREE WEBSITES <~~yeah that’s plural



Get instant access to the wealthy affiliate

During the lessons on WA, members (new and seasoned) are encouraged to leave questions or comments on the page in which the classroom is held. What makes this so great is, you can post a question during or right after your lesson, and usually within minutes you’ll have multiple answers from other members.

What’s maybe even more fantastic, is that members may also leave comments along the way, with whatever is on their mind. Check out the screen shot below. It shows 2 brand new members making comments on how they feel about their short time with WA, so far.

Check out yet another screen shot. Here’s a new member excited about the ease of use over at WA. And Top 200 member Emily is giving some encouragement! It’s such a fantastic community, I couldn’t possibly say enough!

screen shot new members 2


I think one of the coolest thing about Wealthy Affiliate is it’s community. It’s literally a hangout spot. You go to the site and you can see all the activity happening right before your eyes. People share their success stories, their mistakes, their opinions. All to help others improve. Hundreds of Blogs, Questions, Advice, and Comments. It’s just endless.

It’s like walking down the halls in a college and seeing friends. You get to know dozens if not hundreds of other online marketers just like you. All at different stages of their internet businesses. People from all walks of life. Some just starting out, without making their first cent yet. While others, in it for years, making millions of dollars today!

It’s truly awesome being around such like minded people all with the same goal. Succeed, and help others do the same! Of course if you don’t want to interact with other members, you don’t have to. I don’t see why you wouldn’t, but it’s all up to you!

I’m not saying there aren’t some decent programs out there that can help you succeed in online marketing. Heck, even my website attempts to guide people along the right path. But I gotta be honest with you, I couldn’t come close to what these guys offer. And what they offer, that NO OTHER program offers, is help – 24/7. The help from the owners, to the “ambassadors” of the site, all the way down to the community.


Why Did I Decide To Write The Wealthy Affiliate Review?


This is why Wealthy Affiliates creates winners, consistently. You need help when starting out in an online business. I’ve said that over and over in my posts, here on Impending Perfection. And that’s exactly what you get from Wealthy Affiliate. An exorbitant amount of help. Endless, even. This is what also encouraged me to write the wealthy affiliate review. 

We all need help at different times of the day. Some at 7am others at 2am. There’s always an active, ready to help site waiting for you 24/7. I go to the site every single day to check in. I tweak my website right from their interface, talk to other members, read their success stories…. something, anything. I just love it!

It’s kinda like going into work, without actually going anywhere, and just hangin’ out for as long as you feel fit. All the while, you’re creating future success because without even realizing it, you’re working.

Whether that’s getting answers to questions you have, tweaking your website, watching videos in the classrooms or reading articles on any subject you can think of, related to internet marketing. You’re constantly absorbing information like a sponge, and that leads to incredible success in the weeks and months to follow.

start now with the wealthy affiliate review



Here’s another awesome attribute to Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many uses, I couldn’t possibly name them all. Here I’ll list just a few types of people who could benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, but to be honest, it’s truly endless.

  • College Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Laid Off Employees
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire
  • Ebay Sellers
    • Website Marketing
    • Local Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Adwords
    • Google content network
    • Clickbank Business
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Article Marketing

I could go on forever. This works for beginners and advanced alike. There’s so much information, it would be impossible not to find something you could use to help your business.

get started with the wealthy affiliate review


I’m going to offer you a bonus if you decide to come visit me over at Wealthy Affiliate. And to make it even more fun, I’m going to give you a second bonus once you get to my profile page and say hello.

BONUS #1If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate (and by sign up, I mean creating a user name, for FREE) you’ll get
7 days of full access to absolutely everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Full access to “Premium Subscribers Only” areas. You’ll get a peak at what the pro’s have access to! You won’t believe the amount of information that is available. You’ll get all the Live Webinars, all the training, all the access to members making thousands of dollars each month, who could help you do the same!



If you visit my personal profile on Wealthy Affiliate, and say hello to me, I’m going to share a bonus with you that’s so awesome, you’d be crazy not to take it! I’ve even gone as far as approving it with Kyle. You remember Kyle, right? The owner of Wealthy Affiliate? He gave me the OK. Visit my profile and I’ll give you The Diamond Traffic Program! It will show you how to get huge traffic numbers to your website. It will even SHOW YOU EXACTLY which keywords are hot, so you can start using them to start ranking your website(s). I urge you to visit me and say hello! But if I find you first, I’ll still be cool and give it to you. How’s that sound?

Visit me here, on my Wealthy Affiliate profile. Come say hello and I will personally help you get started and on your way, AND share those bonus’s with you. You can leave a comment right on my page. Like I said, I’m always there, so you’re bound to find me at some point today.

Take a look around and see what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Start taking your very first class. It won’t cost you a thing to get started. Wealthy Affiliate gives away more USEFUL free information than I’ve seen any other pay site give away. And that’s the truth. If you want to sign up (for free) right away, visit this link to get you set up in less than 10 seconds.

I’m so confident that you’ll be impressed with the endless information they have to offer, you’ll be back here, thanking me for showing you the way. This is the site that set me on the course to my first online success. And there was no turning back! 

I hope you’ve learned a lot through the wealthy affiliate review 2016! Truly the best internet marketing course out there. We’re going to have an amazing year ahead of us. Join me now, or if you have any questions at all, please ask me in the comments below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I’ll be more than happy to help!

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  1. Neil

    Wealthy Affiliate is a program I have been researching online, and I see nothing but positive feedback from every review that I’ve read 🙂

    Thanks for sharing another great and positive review online, and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an online business training program that can change peoples lives, after discovering the awesome benefits within this article.

    I’m definitely signing up for my free account 🙂


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      This is such great news, Neil! You’re going to absolutely love it at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I’ve learned about internet marketing I’ve learned from WA. It’s such an amazing community of folks, who never give up on you. You’re sure to succeed. I’ll see you inside! Come say hello!

      – Stephen

  2. Michel

    This is a very in depth review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

    I too am already a member, and I don’t think you have left much out.

    Great to meet so many happy people. In fact I haven’t seen a negative review yet. I think that is what makes the company so successful – people helping other people.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Wealthy Affiliate is all about the help. That’s what I try to get across to everyone who asks about it. It’s truly impossible to get stuck. Not to mention the free websites and hosting they offer as well. I’m glad you’ve become a member, and I’ll be looking out for your success! All the best to you 🙂

  3. Abdul

    Hey Stephen,
    This is one of the most elaborate and thoughtful review of WA I have seen. You have explained all aspects in this review very well and I am sure anyone who reads it will get the most accurate insight of WA. I have been introduced to WA last month and I really love it. Loved the video integration. Great work.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks, Abdul,
      I decided to do an update for the Wealthy Affiliate review 2016 in hopes to show people how great this system and community are. I’m glad you found this useful and so glad you joined us at WA last month. Wealthy Affilaite can show anyone how to be successful online. All the best to your success at WA!

      1. abdul

        Thank You Stephen,
        I wish you the same.
        Cheers 🙂
        Take care

  4. Imad

    Hello, Stephen.

    This is a great Wealthy Affiliate review, especially because of the video and the screenshots you’ve included. I can see how much work you’ve put to create this article. This community is the best thing that happened to us, 2016 is looking bright and things are only getting better inside the platform.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 years now, and my admiration is still growing as I’m still learning and experience many kinds of success.


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      I’m glad you liked the Wealthy Affiliate review I’ve posted. Being a member is awesome. Free members have great access, but paid members are really making huge strides. I’ll see you on the inside!

      – Stephen

  5. Julius

    This is a great and detailed review. I think there’s a lot of people surfing around the internet and after seeing all those super positive WA reviews, they think it is some kind of a huge scam web.

    But you actually have to try it before you judge it. I’ve been at WA for almost 4 months now and it’s been an incredible journey. There’s been ups and downs, but I must keep going.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Julius,

      There are definetly ups and downs along the way whey starting an online business or being an affiliate marketer. The rewards down the road are why we keep doing it. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us the path to take, but we have to put in the time and work to make things happen. Thanks for the comment

  6. Ehab

    Hi, Stephen
    A great post, I agree completely with your review. I am already a member in that wonderful community, I am learning a lot throughout the courses, I get always support and help at any time. I haven’t got any income yet, but I learned that it is a long-term process, and I believe that it soon will get better and better. I adore your saying, “You are constantly absorbing information like a sponge!”, It is a fact.
    Thank you for the review, good luck.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      It’s funny, because you never stop absorbing the info. You have the opportunity to learn, every single day your on Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to give the wealthy affiliate review, because I know how much it can help people. It has helped me tremendously. I have several sites making me money. I built this one in hopes to inspire people to do the same. All the best to you and your online successes!
      – Stephen

  7. Viljoen

    Hi Stephen

    I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for more than 12 months now. They training is great and I can also vouch that Kyle really helped me a lot.

    You will also get paid for creating training inside Wealthy Affiliate. If these guys are willing to pay you for creating quality training that might benefit other members, then this tells me that they really value the quality of the training.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Glad to hear you’re a fan of WA! I am too as well…. of course 😉 So many happy members!

  8. Robert Basaker

    Stephen, I thought I would stop by and see how your website was coming along. I came across this article and decided to share with your readers a little bit about my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate.
    After spending 3 months searching for an internet marketing business, I could try out for free to see what they have to offer, there weren’t many out there until I came across Wealthy Affiliate University.
    I have been a member or just 3 short months now and I have to tell your readers, everything you cover in your articles is true. In fact, they more that exceeded my expectations.
    Keep in mind, I started with no experience and by day 4 of the training, I had developed and published my 2 Free websites.
    If your readers are looking to start their own internet marketing business or want to learn how to build websites for other business, the question to ask themselves why wouldn’t they try Wealthy Affiliate?
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Bob,
      WA is great. I’m glad we found it. The free websites that you mention, is just the best way anyone can get started. And from there, the training shows you how to build out your site. Since I became a member of WA, I have 3 websites (as of this writing) all making money for me. Before joining WA I had zero experience. Being my own boss and working the hours I choose to work, is my favorite part 🙂

      All the best to you and your online success!

  9. steve

    Really cant remember how I ended up at WA but so glad I did I haven’t earn anything yet still doing training courses so money well spent as I don’t come with technical experience so the step by step guide how to build a website and market online is great

  10. Brandon

    This is probably the highest quality, best written review on Wealthy Affiliate and all that it has to offer that I’ve seen yet! It truly is a great helpful community! Making an online sell with an investment that’s less than what most kids make in allowance in a week truly is possible if you just work the system and ask for help. Anyone can make a site like this, and if you join through his link you’ll have his personal assistant because your success is his sucess because of the awesome way this business model works!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Brandon,

      Really appreciate your kind words. I love WA 🙂

  11. Alex

    Hi there

    Thanks for sharing this post. This sounds too good to be true!

    I have run into scams all over the place, many that also offer “free” trial to make money and it lands up being a time waster and they then refer me all over the place and try to make me buy other products. I hate upsells.

    Can I really sign up at no cost without being sent all over the place to other websites trying to make me buy things?

    I just want to be sure as I have been given the run around so many times and I have wasted my time and money.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Alex,

      Yes, you can sign up for free. Give it a try. You won’t be taken to other sites or forced to pay money. Thanks for your question and for visiting my site.

  12. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hey there Stephen , another interesting review on the Wealthy Affiliate.I agree with your intro but a lot of people do search for such an opportunity , to make money just for signing up with a program.This is why so many scams exist.

    You broke it down nicely mentioning all the important features.Definitely WA is a live organisation that helps all the members get in the right online direction.The owners participate in the forum and they upgrade their services and content regularly.

    What is the best part of their training so far?…What is wrong with WA?…anything that bothers you ,anything to see changed?..

    Thanks for a nice read.

  13. adam

    hi there,
    I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for a short while now and haven’t regretted it since. everything you mentioned is accurate and I would highly recommend signing up. For those who may have doubts, WA offers a free trial period and two free websites, something you wont find anywhere else, so why not give it a go, you’ve got nothing to loose.

  14. Jesse griffin

    Very informative post. This is excellent and much needed information on where to get started creating an online business or just earning some extra income working from home…that is very important because more often than not , there’s people interested in this topic but I come across very few who know how to get started doing what they want to do most, become their own boss. You’ve pretty much covered every thing they need to know to get the ball rolling !! Nice job.

  15. Jovo

    This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. Your readers should really pay attention to what you are saying as this is a first-hand experience from somebody who started at WA and made a sale within one month. So this is remarkable. I am speaking as an insider, I have two sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, so I can understand well what you are talking about.

    You described well the importance of community at WA. This interaction and support is essential and it is available all the time. I myself would not have managed without such a support. Very nice text and an accurate description of what Wealthy Affiliate is about. Thank you.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Jovo,
      I appreciate your positive feedback on my WA review. After that first sale, I certainly had to wait for that second sale. It doesn’t all happen over night. But it does happen, with patience and work. Thanks again.

  16. Luke

    Hey. One of the best Wealthy Affiliate reviews I’ve seen so far. After reading this you want to try it out immediately 🙂 Seriously. Great job.

    Personally I like that you can get help at WA so quickly. Compared to other forums, WA community is really active. Whenever I aks a question I receive an answer within 5-10 minutes.

    And yes, access to the owners is really important. Some time ago i wanted to buy a certain online training and I couldn’t contact the guy who was promoting it, only his support team was available to answer my questions. But it wasn’t helpful. I didn’t buy the course as a result.

    That is why I’m saying that the contact with the owners is important. It makes the program more trustworthy.


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Luke,
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate that 🙂

      Support from WA is unmatched. It’s why I succeeded. It’s that simple.

      Best to you and your successes online!


  17. Stephen

    Hi BigMook,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog about Wealthy Affiliate. It was very easy to navigate through this page and to follow. This is such an insightful blog about WA for those who have not yet had the chance to join our great community. I wish you the best in your future endeavors in your online marketing business!

  18. John

    Hi Stephen,

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I thought the screenshot where you showed your conversation with Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, was really great.

    It illustrated the fact that WA is a community based program and the founders genuinely care about the success of everyone involved.

    As a WA member myself I recommend the program 100% and encourage all of your website members to sign up and start their own WA journey.

    Best wishes

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks John. The community is the best part! 🙂

  19. Paul

    Great review, Stephen. You really emphasized the strengths of WA and, let’s face it, there aren’t many ways in which it falls short. I would probably give it the same score myself. I’ve tried numerous other programs before WA, buying products hoping I would find success and only ending up disappointed and regretful. WA, in my opinion, is by far #1 in terms of giving you the best possible chance to succeed online.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my post for The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015. I hope more people will find this wonderful program. All the best to you , Paul.

  20. Shawn

    Nice job on this review!
    I noticed you really did your homework on this.
    I have been a member there for 3.5 years now and I love the place and everything you have stated in the review is correct.
    I have built a full time business using their training and it does work.
    Keep up the good work!


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Shawn
      It’s always great to hear from current members of WA. Showing people that they can make a full time business using the Wealthy Affiliate training. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. All the best to you!

  21. Mike

    I have been involved with WA since January. I agree with you. It has surpassed my expectations. I already have two sites going and my traffic is building. I liken it to a virtual university made up of like-minded individuals. The WA community is very supportive and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to begin an online business.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Isn’t it amazing, Mike? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate that. I hope other people will take the opportunity, and join in what we have gotten to experience. All the best to you, Mike!

  22. Brok

    Fantastic Review Stephen,

    It’s awesome that you were able to make your first sale within 26 days of starting that seems crazy fast to me!

    I’ve been involved with a lot of MLM companies and ended up getting scammed by a lot of other affiliate marketing training programs that build websites for you.

    I was wondering exactly what two free websites meant?

    I really hope it’s not a pre built site. Seems like they never work.



    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Brok,

      Thank you for leaving your comment. The two free websites are site you build yourself and they explain how to do it, step by step. I agree, pre built sites are terrible.

      – Stephen

  23. Igor

    Hi, Stephen, what a great review. You wrote everything that all members of Wealth Affiliate (including me) thinks. Number 1 place to learn how to make money on the internet. I tried many ways of making money on the internet but WA is the first which gave me complete training and all help I needed. Keep up the good work.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Igor. It’s so great to be a part of wealthy affiliate, I just had to write The Wealthy Affiliate Review. It really is endless as to what they provide for you to help your online business succeed. Thanks again for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Best to you, with your online business.

  24. Chris

    I am a current member of Wealthy Affiliate for two months now. Note that I am very skeptical at first so I tried the free starter membership. To my delight, I was able to do the basic training, build my own free website, get personal message from the founder in a chat, and was able to experience the community of true people who are doing their online business. I talked with most of the people and exchange views about the community. It does not promise easy money which is one good sign of not being a scam. Many post about their success. I’ve made friends too. Now I have a website that is starting to generate traffic through the ways I have learned in the training here and with the help of the community. This is a real place to start a long term online business. I am lucky and happy I found it.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Chris,

      Isn’t it so great at WA? Without them, I never would have been able to create an online income in the short amount of time I did. It would have taken me years as compared to months. Thats no lie. It has been a tremendous advantage, and I don’t ever plan on leaving. I learn something new everyday. It’s truly amazing.

      All the best to you and your success!

  25. Author: Sharon May

    Hi Stephen, great article on Wealthy Affiliate, I can see you’ve put a lot of heard work into this and have researched it well. Many years ago, I was with SBI, but it sucked and as soon as I found WA I switched and I’m glad I did because it’s truly is awesome. I’m definitely not leaving it anytime soon.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Sharon! Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad we found WA. It’s an amazing community. Hoping the wealthy affiliate review will show people the way on how to actually succeed online. All the best to you!

  26. Veronica

    Wow, thank you so much for the detailed information on Wealthy Affiliate. It is so on target. Your post is loaded with lots of information for anyone considering an online business opportunity that is totally free to start out.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Veronica! It’s a great opportunity for anyone. I really appreciate you visiting the site. Hope you’ll visit again 🙂


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