The success or failure of your online home business really depends on several factors. Some of these will be beyond your control, but others are within your reach. Before you even think about making money online, you need to determine your level of self-motivation. The accomplishment of a successful work from home business comes from the ability to awaken your commitment for success, that must come from inside of you.

How would you rate your self-motivation? On a scale from 1-10, 1 being not at all and 10 being through the roof. If you want your home based business opportunity to be successful, motivation must rest between 7 and 10. Having no motivation will lead to having no internet profits. Big motivation will lead to big profits. Once you’ve made the choice to create an online internet business, take a moment and self evaluate.

Now if you fall in the ranks of 1-6 on the motivational scale, don’t fret, you CAN adjust it. It will take some effort on your part, but the rewards are always worth it.

Self motivation is an attribute which helps us find the inner energy and willingness to continue, and the spirit to persevere.

When you’re trying to grow your work from home business, no one will be there to tell you what, how or when to do it. You’re on your own, and being able to find the motivation could be a challenge, but in order for your home business to succeed, it’s YOUR responsibility. Self motivation is starting something, continuing, and finishing. If you can conquer self motivation, you can with NO DOUBT have a successful online business.

To start the juices flowing and to create that fire in your belly feeling for creating a home business, go back to the self evaluation I discussed above. Now ask yourself, what is it that you value? Is it your family, your lifestyle, your future? What you deem of value will bring a meaning and a feeling of importance to your life. This step will help you find and keep that very important motivation. We should always want to improve on what we hold of value. That’s desire. And without desire, motivation will be hard to find.

Once you’ve decided to improve these areas, give motivation the opportunity to grow by creating a goal. The determination you have to develop a home based business will be driven by your desire to improve on your values, and hopefully retire early with a residual income. Most people put value in their future, and if that’s you, you’ll want to improve on that.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to increasing your self motivation. You have begun.

Once you’ve determined your goal, create a plan to achieve this purpose. Once created, manage your time to produce success of your new design. Growth of self motivation begins with these endeavors. The next step is to continue the venture to creating your home business success. Keep your eye on your goal.

The most important thing to do is stay focused. You’re going to be challenged along the way. You’re going to be introduced to all sorts of new road blocks, notions, and ideas to attaining an online business that you’ll be unfamiliar with. If you’re going to attain this goal, you absolutely have to commit to learning the ropes. The best way to increase your motivation is dependent on the ability to focus on the purpose, especially when the going gets tough!

Start – Continue – Persevere toward your work from home succe

And now we come to the final step. The step which will be your biggest nemesis throughout the online work at home venture. This is where 99% of home businesses fail. The erg to give up. What going to happen when success isn’t knocking on your door as early as you had hoped, or the lessons being learned seem just a little too difficult? When this day arrives, oh and it will, you have come to the crossroad. Will you quit or persevere? The choice is yours and only yours. To succeed or fail in your online business will all depend on that decision. Will you be part of that 99%? Or are you going to push through? Self motivation isn’t easy. You’re alone (hence the “self” part) but it can bring such HUGE fulfillment and an opportunity to make HUGE amounts of money online, if you’re willing to persevere!ss.

Your future depends on many things, but by and large on you.

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  1. Joe

    This is a great post about self motivation. I know I need to be motivated often. You can’t succeed in any business if you’re not motivated, especially a home based business. When you’re home, it’s easy to get lazy.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Good point Joe. It’s much easier to “let things slide” if you’re in your home. It’s a comfortable atmosphere. A place you feel safe, without some boss telling you to “get moving!” We need to remember WE’RE the boss, so we have to motivate ourselves. Thanks for your input, Joe!


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