Here I’m going to show you how to build a free website for any business in less than 60 seconds of your time, in order to generate money. And you can do it in just 30 seconds. OK, I’m not actually going to show you, but I’ll direct you to the video that will. I highly recommend newbies (those who are new to website design) to get a free site from Siterubix.

A) Because its free.

B) Because it runs WordPress, and wordpress is what 95% of all bloggers, who make money online, use. You can find more info on WordPress here.

In the meantime check out the link below for a quick video tutorial, to see how you can have a website up and running in as little as 30 seconds! It’s the same platform I use for all my sites! 

30 Seconds to a Website! (a new window will open)

Building a website is crucial to being successful at an online business. When you’re first starting out and have little to no experience, always start slow. Don’t start dumping all your money into domain names and websites and hosting and graphics, etc, etc, etc.

There’s no need to get all sorts of bells and whistles for your website. In fact, too many bells and whistles will distract your viewer, and they won’t stick around your site for very long. Keep it simple. Look at this site. Nothing fancy here. But it’s not supposed to be. You’re goal is to keep the reader interested. Not bouncing all over the place, clicking all the “shiny buttons.”

The first goal to your first paycheck, is getting traffic to your site. You can always continually work on your site to “pretty it up,” it’s not going anywhere. Hopefully your site will be making you tons of money every month that you’ll have it for years. But in the beginning, don’t be too concerned about that. Your main focus should be writing content first. Making adjustments second.

Building a website doesn’t take much work once you get a hang of it. I can remember the first time I used a mouse for the computer. HAHAHA! That was weird! It felt so uncomfortable to manage. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to it. (I’m showing my age) But now, it’s no different than riding a bike. It just becomes natural. It’s the same with website building. It will feel akward at first, and you’ll have a few stumbles along the way. But after some time, you’ll love it so much, you’ll be building 2, 3, 10 more websites! I know you can’t imagine it now… but trust me 🙂

So you ask, how to build a free website for your business? Now you know.

Everything I found out about creating a profitable website, I found through using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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