What is Affiliate Marketing Training?

what is affiliate marketing trainingBefore we get into affiliate marketing training, first lets quickly touch on what exactly affiliate marketing is, then we’ll get into what the training is. Besides the obvious question of what is affiliate marketing training, some other questions we’ll answer within this post are:

  • Can it help?
  • Does it cost money?
  • Where should I look, to get the best affiliate marketing training?


OK, so affiliate marketing, in basic terms, is using other peoples products to sell for profit. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own product. You don’t need to store products, and you don’t even need to make the transaction. If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, I wrote a more in depth description, HERE. (look towards the bottom of that page for that explanation)

Basically, you’re putting links on your webpage, for products other people/companies own. If someone visits your website and clicks on that link and buys that product, you get a percentage of the sale. It really is that simple. And getting a website set up easy and free is simple too.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in?  Then continue reading….

So now that you know what affiliate marketing is, lets look at the question, “what is affiliate marketing training?” Training online comes in all sorts of ways. Here’s what you’ll get out of training IF IT’S A GOOD TRAINING COURSE. If it’s not a good course, you’ll end up spending a lot of wasted time getting nowhere, and probably a crap load of money. You need to do your homework. Don’t fall for every offer out there. Most, and I mean most, are scams. Anyway, here’s some things to look for from a good source.

They should:

  • Start with the very basics, showing you exactly “how to” from setting up your first website and getting a domain name
  • Show you how (Not just “teach”) to continue to improve on your website and how to create & collect content for site
  • Show you exactly how to use keywords and what keywords to use in order to drive traffic to your site
  • Have 24/7 help no matter what part of the world you’re from. (We all work at different hours!)
  • Give access to the owners of the training you’re using, to ask questions, get feedback, etc.
  • Supply video’s, webinars, and help from REAL online marketers who are actually succeeding

Those are some of the most important things you’ll want to look for. There are more of course, but I think those should be on top of your list.

support for affiliate marketing trainingEach one of those 6 bullet points has one thing in common. It’s all support related. And that’s super important when it comes to affiliate marketing. There’s  a lot of information to soak up. You’re going to want support continually, not just when you click the “Buy Now” button. Don’t ever just download something and think that’s all it will take.

OK, so let’s get into what affiliate training is, isn’t, can and can not do for you.



Why am I so quick to say yes, without any apprehension? Pretty much because I would say yes to just about anything at all when it comes to furthering your education.

Do you think Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, or Michael Jackson just suddenly stopped learning how to dance? You think one day they woke up and thought “OK, I’ve learned all I could, I’ll take it from here.”

Hell to the no, my friend. They continued for years after they became famous. Continuing to learn and master their craft of dancing. Which is exactly why they became super stars. They never stopped working, creating, improving, or learning new things along the way.

So like I said. Can it help? Absolutely.

Well, it doesn’t have to. There is a lot of information on the internet that can direct you in the right path, and give you the “how to’s” on how to make an income online using affiliate marketing. This website you’re reading, is one of those sites. And, as I recommend everyone to continue to search google for information and learning tools on affiliate marketing, I also highly recommend finding a source you can get everything you need in one spot. Affiliate marketing classes will not only “show you the way,” but will keep things organized.

Have you ever opened so many websites, you actually forgot what you went online for? Ha!  I do that more often than I’d like to admit. You don’t want to do that once you start your affiliate marketing journey. It’s OK to do that now, while you’re researching, but once you decide to dive in, you MUST be organized.

I’ve mention in previous posts that when you’re just starting out, there’s no need to spend a lot of money up front, if any at all. Start small. Absorb the information, and make educated decisions along the way. I’ve showed you places to find free websites and hosting. I’ve showed you all sorts of free sources to start building your work from home business.

There will be times you’ll want to make an investment in your online business. And I believe one of the smarter places you can do that, is within your education and organization with affiliate marketing. Without it, it will take you double, triple, even quadruple the amount of time to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, all the while this disorganization will completely frustrate you. By then, you’ll have long given up….

Here’s where people get caught. Here’s where they make the biggest mistakes along the way. Most people who are just starting out in online affiliate marketing, I was one of them, will come across a number of scams and spend A LOT of money on products that don’t work.

I have to be honest with you. It took me a full 10 years (on and off) of failing, before I finally found a program that set me on a one way course and walked me through, and kept everything organized for me. I almost gave up completely on my dream of having my own online business. I knew HOW people were doing it, but I just didn’t understand how they got to the place they got to. How did they get 50,000 or more visitors to their site every month? How did they make such a cool website without having to spend a ton of money on someone building it for them? How were they making so much friggin money a month?? How how how!! I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I’d spend hours researching, but never actually CREATING. I wasted so much time. I didn’t know what to do first. And if I ever could figure out what to do first, what in the heck am I supposed to do next??

scam signHere’s something to look out for when it comes to an online scam. If they ask you for your credit card and tell you once you download the product, you can start making money immediately, THEN ITS A SCAM. You can’t download something once and build a profitable online business.

You need to be able to go back to that product/program daily, if you need to, to ask questions, get guidance, and to produce RESULTS.

If you’re not one of those people I mentioned above, and you haven’t gotten caught up in scam after scam, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! I hope this site can help you find what you’re looking for without spending all your hard earned money, filling other peoples pockets.

Do your due diligence. Research! Find sites that will let you look at the product BEFORE you buy it. Just because the guy in the video, standing in front of the mansion tells you what the product will do for you, DON’T BELIEVE IT. Let them SHOW you actual real life experience. If they’re so confident in the product they’re selling, then you should be able to use it for free before you purchase it. You would’t buy a car off a lot without test driving it. Why would you buy a “Make Money in 30 Days” product without testing it?

Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to be working along side Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a site that offers EVERYTHING I mentioned above, in this post. It shows me how to do things. Step by step. Basically holds my hand. It does this because they’re real people, right on my home screen, that I can talk to and ask questions to 24/7.

checklist for what is affiliate marketing trainingWealthy Affiliate keeps me organized. I can literally access my website right from the Wealthy Affiliate interface. I can tweak it, write a new post, share it, etc. I can get answers by just typing into the search bar my question, and hundreds upon hundreds of relevant topics show up to help me.This is how I address the question of what is affiliate marketing training. It’s ACTUAL TRAINING.

Not to mention, I built my site right from their interface as well. They use WordPress, which is the most popular platform for websites/blogs. And as crazy as this is about to sound…. its FREE…. it’s 100% true. They let you build 2 free websites, and they host them, all for free. How could I not choose this platform to run my affiliate marketing?

Wealthy Affiliate also shares hundreds of videos and articles with step by step instructions, tips, tricks, and mounds of information on affiliate marketing in the virtual classrooms. They also have weekly LIVE webinars.

I visit Wealthy Affiliate and expand my online business, every single day. It’s a hangout spot for me. I can interact with other members who are more advanced than me and they keep in in the know. I make strides everyday. It keeps me motivated.

I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate because they let me use their interface for free. I was able to access the videos and the classrooms. I was able to ask questions to members who were already working from home, making a living from internet marketing. I got access to more information for free from Wealthy Affiliate, than I could get on any other site that charges.

Once I got up and started and I felt I needed more personal training, and more classrooms I was given the option to upgrade. It was a no brainer. I upgraded within the first week of being a member, simply because I already knew I wasn’t going anywhere else in the future. There was just so many things about it that felt right. I’ve been there ever since, and wouldn’t think about leaving.

I would encourage anyone interested in getting a start in affiliate marketing,  to take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review, to see exactly how this site can help you be on your way to a successful, profitable online business.

So, what is affiliate marketing training? It’s your start to online success!

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  1. Xin Zhang

    Hello Stephen,

    I tough this was a very good artice, clearly written and to the point. You make an excellent recommendation regarding avoiding scams. If the sales pitch starts off with a guy standing in front of a mansion or on a yacht beware. No, run away. If they promise you buy my system, turn it on and you can’t miss money is on the way, Run Away.

    There is no magic formula or secret that brings riches without effort. The program you describe is just what is needed for online success. A program that provides the tools, the training and the support to enable people who want to expend the required effort to be successful is what people need. Would you agree?

    Thank you for making people aware of an excellent program that gives them the opportunity to be successful online at no cost to try.



    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Xin, Thanks for your great comment. Correct, there is no magic formula. You have to do the work. Thats what affiliate marketing training can help you do faster, and in the proper way. I wish you success in your online adventures!


  2. Erik

    Just few words, perfect and simply site, nothing more.
    Great tutorial how to start with affilaite programs.
    Also great post with SEO and other post about free affilaite websites.
    Simply site where are all information about how to start and how to retrieve your goal ! Also if you have your own success you can share with us.

  3. Stacey

    Hi Stephen

    What a great article – I love the way you’ve written it, it is so down to earth and easy to read!

    I’m just starting to get into affiliate marketing now and am still trying to get my head around it. Are you very successful yourself with affiliate marketing or do you do this alongside another full-time job?

    Thanks for the info!


  4. Chris

    Great article explaining the ins and outs of affilaite marketing – sounds like it can offer a really interesting career.
    What caught my attention more than anything is the lack of cost – no overheads and FREE to get started ( no that sounds like it’s right up my street! ). Where do you suggest building up your website for your marketing efforts?

  5. SC

    Great post, very informative! It explains clearly what affiliate marketing is, and how anyone with dedication and organisation can do it. It also leads in well to explaining the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate compared to other learning sources available online. I think you focusing on how important the need for ongoing support is, is correct. A lot of scam products will take your money and just leave you hanging, which is yet another thing that sets WA apart.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Yeah, I believe that the ongoing support is really key. I couldn’t have done it, without. Thanks for your visit to my site and your comment. All the best to you!

  6. Frank

    hi, in reading through your bullet points, it sounds like you’re disqualifying your own analysis in the first couple lines of the description. I’m not sure the point is made if you would agree to absolutely any training whatsoever, good or bad. there is some training thats just downright awful. don’t you agree?

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Not sure I understand your comment. My bullet points, point out what a good training course will do. If you find a course that incorporates these things, then I say absolutely, I stand behind it. I would never suggest taking any old training course. I agree, some are down right awful. I’ll go back and read my words, as maybe I didn’t properly explain my point. But my point is, if you’re asking “What is affiliate marketing training?” The bottom line, should be SUPPORT.

  7. Riaz Shah

    Wow very detailed write-up here Stephen!
    Affiliate Marketing is a great way for beginners and veterans alike to monetize as there are no risk at all since we basically help promote products or programs of choice instead of spending months to create one ourselves. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself and I totally love the features and training, it costs way more than it’s supposed to which is really awesome plus the community helps too. Bookmarked your page, will definitely be coming back for more of your updates soon!

  8. Kunal

    Hi Stephen,

    Well put together and informative post about afiiliate marketing and its training, thank you for covering everything in such details and explaining how to go after affiliate marketing and what is best resource available to gain affiliate marketing training and education that provides all the support required to build a successful affiliate marketing business.


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Kunal –

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad I was able to help in covering what I believe are some important things to look out for when it comes to the question What is affiliate marketing training. I really hope this helps you and others make good decisions and have amazing results with their online business.



  9. Sam

    Thanks Stephen on your post. Your desription of affiliate marketing is detailed enough for anybody to ubderstand.You also made it clear why it is easier to make money from affiliate marketing than building your own product; more so for a beginner. You went further to assist beginners on where and how to identify the best affiliate marketing training school. I think this is really helpful because there are so many people parading themselves as providing affiliate marketing training, whereas they are only out to dupe unsuspecting people of their hard earned money. Thanks for pointing the way to Wealthy Affiliate.

  10. Gary


    I have seen that affiliate marketing has been on the increase steadily over the years and never quite knew where I could start off in the business. I do now thanks to your post. You have outlined and answered a great number of my questions although I guarantee I will have lots more as I go along.

    Kindest regards


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Gary! So happy my post on “What is affiliate marketing training” was able to help you out! Glad I could help. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything you may have a question about!

  11. Edmund

    Hi Stephen, we were in the same boat. Looking for make money online opportunities and got scammed before.

    I agree with you that one must do his/her due diligence to research on a product before taking a plunge.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can testify what Stephen mentioned here about Wealthy Affiliate are all honest truth!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Edmund,
      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment on my site. Gotta love Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  12. Ben Clardy

    This is a timely article for me in particular. I’m on a new journey to figure out ways to earn extra money online. I like the idea of being able set up some online income streams that will continue to pay me over and over once they are established. I’m going to check out Wealth Affiliate and see what their all about.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Ben – I’m glad you found my site and I was able to help point you in the right direction. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know!

  13. Benjamin

    I wanted a great work from home start to make money from home and this is a great way to do it. Awesome review on affiliate marketing. I use Wealthy Affiliate University to learn how to build and design my websites, make them run, and also rank at the top of Google pages. Nice post!


    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Benjamin! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Wealthy Affiliate rocks!

  14. Peter

    Hello Stephen This is a great overview of what is affiliate marketing training, you cover the main issues very well and make good sense.

    I especially liked your comment Find sites that will let you look at the product BEFORE you buy it, that is good advice if they won’t let you see it or try it WHY?.

    Then you give more good advice by pointing your readers into the direction of Wealthy Affiliate which is an exceptional place to get an education about affiliate marketing for anyone wanting to short cut the learning process and avoid wasting any more time chasing ‘shiny objects’ that lead nowhere.

    Keep up the good work informing your readers about the better choices. 🙂

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Peter – Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. I appreciate it. I think more people than not, could use affiliate marketing training, and Wealthy Affiliate is the place to get started, for sure.

  15. Wally

    Hi Stephen, how you are you finding the affiliate training in Wealthy Affiliate at the moment? Is it sufficient for the long run, or do you feel that you might need to research additional tools & resources after a while? Do they update it regularly with the Google changes (there is a lot of outdated information out there)?

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hey Wally – I have to tell you, the training with Wealthy Affiliate is bar none. It’s without a doubt something I plan on using for the long run. There is endless information and tools, that you couldn’t possibly “run out” of things to use/learn. The reason there is so much info (to answer your question) is because yes, they update it regularly. Just the Live webinars alone could be enough info each week. But they go way above and beyond just the weekly webinars. Visit my Wealthy Affiliate profile, say hello, I’ll show you around. Be well…..

  16. Fidel

    Nice article on what affiliate marketing is all about. This is one of the best ways to earn income online and very fast relative to having to create a product of your own and trying to get it sold online.

    It is best to sell products of others when you first start on the internet and later on develop your own as time goes on.

    Nice article once again

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Fidel. I agree that affiliate is a great way to earn an income without having to have your own product to sell. But while you’re selling an affiliate product, you can then work on building your own. (ie: ebook) and then have that product work for you in the future. Thanks again for your input. Be well.


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