How To Add An Anchor On WordPress

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OK guys and gals, you know how I just love making things easy for you. Today I’ve uploaded a video tutorial for you, showing you how to add an anchor on WordPress. Also know as a hyperlink or jump text.

On a scale from 1-10 in difficulty, I usually aim for somewhere between 1-3 in order to make it as simple as possible for you. Today we’re going to be doing a little HTML. But don’t fret! I still only give this a 4 or 5 on the difficult scale. And that’s only because people freak out when the hear “HTML”. You can simply copy and paste the codes I’ve left below, after watching the video. Please leave a comment or if you have a question, below 🙂 Enjoy!

How To Add An Anchor Link On WordPress:

  • While in the visual editor on your post or page, you must go to the “Text” editor.
  • Once in text editor, find the word that you want to link.
  • In front of that word, place this code:

<a href=”#uniqueidentifier“>click</a>

I colored the word “unique identifier” and “click” in red because those are the 2 things you’ll need to change in your own post. Lets use the following sentence as an example of how and where we would put this link.

Today I rode my bike to work. It was a perfect day for a ride through the park.

Lets say BIKE is the word we’d like to add the anchor link.

Today I rode my<a href=”#1“>bike</a> to work. It was a perfect day for a ride through the park.

So the #1 is the the first link. If you have several on your page you’d like to link, you would number them accordingly. Bike is #1, Run would be #2, Lunch #3 and so on.

The word BIKE is the word you wanted to link. So as used in the example above, for you #2 and #3 links, you’d be changing “bike” to “Run” for #2 and “Lunch” for your #3 link. Got it?

So now we’ll need to take that linked word and have it “jump” to the specific area on the page.(Which is usually more info or description of the word you have linked)

  • While in the text editor, find the area of the page you want that text for #1 to jump to.
  • Place this code, there.


<a id=”Unique-Identifier“>Click</a>


Again, I’ve colored the words Unique Identifier and Click in red. Those you’ll be changing like you did before.

Lets use the following sentence as if it were further down your page.

Bike: A 2 wheeled object with bars to steer it with.

So because above we wanted to link “Bike” here’s what to do.

<a id=”#1“>Bike</a>: A 2 wheeled object with bars to steer it with.

And that my friends is how to add an anchor on WordPress!

That’s all there is to it! You did it. That wasn’t so difficult was it?

I would absolutely love it if you’d leave a comment or share this post if you found it helpful. 

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